Bones Brigade Series 15 McGill 10


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Bones Brigade Series 15 McGill 10 

Mike McGill is another pivotal figure in skateboarding history, particularly known for his contributions to vert skateboarding and his role as a member of the legendary Bones Brigade skate team. Born on September 2, 1964, in Florida, McGill made a significant impact on the sport during the 1980s and beyond.

McGill is perhaps best known for inventing the "McTwist," a groundbreaking aerial maneuver that involves a 540-degree spin combined with a backflip. He first landed the McTwist in 1984, and the trick quickly became iconic within the skateboarding community, showcasing McGill's technical skill and innovation.

In addition to the McTwist, McGill was known for his smooth style, aggressive approach to skating, and proficiency in other vert tricks. His contributions helped push the boundaries of what was possible on a skateboard and played a crucial role in the progression of vert skateboarding during the 1980s.

McGill's talents as a skateboarder caught the attention of Stacy Peralta, who recruited him to join the Bones Brigade, a skate team sponsored by Powell Peralta. As part of the Bones Brigade, McGill appeared in influential skate videos like "The Search for Animal Chin" (1987) and "Future Primitive" (1985), helping to popularize skateboarding worldwide.

Alongside his accomplishments as a professional skateboarder, McGill also played a significant role in the development of skateboard equipment. He collaborated with Powell Peralta to design the iconic "McGill" skateboard deck, which featured a distinctive skull and snake graphic. The McGill deck became one of the best-selling and most recognizable skateboard decks of its time, cementing McGill's status as a skateboarding icon.

Although McGill's competitive career tapered off in the 1990s, he remains active in the skateboarding community, participating in events, demonstrations, and collaborations. His influence on vert skateboarding and his contributions to the sport's culture continue to be celebrated by skateboarders around the world.

Overall, Mike McGill's impact on skateboarding is profound, as he helped shape the sport's trajectory during its formative years and left an indelible mark on its history. His innovative tricks, stylish skating, and iconic graphics continue to inspire generations of skateboarders.