Bones Brigrade Series 15 Mountain 9.9


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Bones Brigrade Series 15 Mountain 

Lance Mountain is another prominent skateboarder closely associated with the Bones Brigade, a renowned skateboarding team sponsored by Powell Peralta during the 1980s. Born on June 13, 1964, in Pasadena, California, Mountain emerged as one of the most influential and versatile skaters of his era, known for his creativity, style, and pioneering contributions to street skating.

Mountain's skateboarding career began in the late 1970s, and he quickly gained recognition for his innovative approach to street skating, a style that emphasized using urban environments as skateable terrain. He was known for his ability to adapt and excel in various skateboarding disciplines, including street, vert, and freestyle.

As a member of the Bones Brigade, Lance Mountain appeared in several influential skate videos, including "The Search for Animal Chin" (1987) and "The Bones Brigade Video Show" (1984). These videos showcased his progressive skating style and helped popularize street skating, which was still in its infancy at the time.

One of Mountain's most notable contributions to skateboarding culture was his involvement in the development of the "stalefish" grab, a trick in which the skater grabs the heel edge of the skateboard with their rear hand while performing an aerial maneuver. The stalefish grab, which Mountain reportedly invented in the late 1980s, became a staple trick in vert and street skating and remains popular to this day.

In addition to his skateboarding talents, Lance Mountain is also an accomplished artist and designer. He has collaborated with numerous brands on skateboard graphics, clothing, and shoe designs, infusing his artistic sensibilities into the skateboarding industry.

Throughout his career, Lance Mountain has remained an influential figure in skateboarding, known for his creativity, authenticity, and passion for the sport. He continues to inspire skateboarders of all generations with his innovative approach to skating and his contributions to skateboarding culture.

In recent years, Mountain has focused on preserving skateboarding's history and heritage, advocating for the importance of skateboarding's roots and the preservation of skateboarding landmarks. His ongoing involvement in the skateboarding community underscores his enduring impact and influence within the sport.