Es Muska - White


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Es Muska - White

The highly anticipated re-launch of Chad Muska's original pro skate shoe from 1997, the iconic éS Muska, is creating a buzz in the skateboarding world. This legendary shoe is celebrated for its historical significance and unique design features. Here's an overview of what you can expect from the revived éS Muska:

Material Blend: The shoe is constructed with a mix of nubuck leather and mesh in its upper, delivering a balance of style and durability. This choice of materials is well-known for its resilience, making it an ideal fit for the rigors of skateboarding.

Reinforced Support: The éS Muska incorporates a molded PU cage over the quarter and heel mesh, providing essential reinforcement and support. This structural feature ensures the shoe can withstand the impact and stress of skateboarding.

Secret Stash Pocket: A standout feature of the shoe is the discreet stash pocket cleverly hidden within the tongue. This pocket offers a convenient spot to keep small essentials like keys or spare change while you're on the move.

Durability Enhancements: With a rubber toe cap and additional accenting in the ollie area, the shoe is engineered for longevity and built to withstand the demands of skateboarding, especially during trick and maneuver execution.

Lace Protection: Custom molded eyelets are integrated into the design to safeguard the laces from wear and tear. This keeps your laces securely in place and intact, even during the most intense skate sessions.

Quarter Guard: The inclusion of a rubber quarter guard further fortifies the shoe's durability, protecting it from damage during vigorous skateboarding activities.

Easy Wear Features: For added convenience, the éS Muska features a lace toggle and a heelpull tab, making it effortless to put on and take off the shoe. This streamlines your skateboarding experience and minimizes any unnecessary hassle.

The re-release of the éS Muska pays homage to a classic skateboarding shoe worn by one of the sport's most influential figures, Chad Muska. Known for its blend of style, practicality, and sturdiness, this shoe has maintained its status as a coveted item among skateboarders. This limited-time reissue offers fans the chance to relive the past and experience the creative energy that the iconic éS Muska represents in the world of skateboarding.